• LAUNCH DATE : JAN 2018

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Information Technology, Others

  • PROJECT FOCUS : Flight Operations, Airport Operations, Airline Strategy, Airline Management, Other, Information Technology

  • PROJECT SPONSOR : Airsource Partners

Project Summary
TELETYPE B MESSAGING was developed and put in place at most airlines around the world in the 70's. Yet, it still handles today the bulk of airlines' data distribution.

Over the years Teletype B has developed as a major cost center at many airlines. SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS CAN EASILY BE ACHIEVED through a methodical audit of the airline’s communications policy.

An automated TELETYPE B MESSAGE PROCESSOR can be implemented within just a few hours as an extension to Airsource Partners' analysis for enhanced productivity and additional operational savings.

Project files


Project Description

Reduce your Airline's Teletype B Communication Costs 








A communication system inherited from the past, TELETYPE B messaging  generates high costs at many airlines while it could be replaced in most cases by more modern and cost-effective technology.


Airsource Partners helps airlines save on their TELETYPE B communication costs while improving the productivity of their messaging system.

The messaging infrastructure observed at most airlines today is the result of decades of successive enhancements, changes, replacements or deletions which for the most part have taken place with no clear communication strategy as a backbone.
The volume of TELETYPE B messaging has increased dramatically over the years due to factors such as security mandates, increased passenger data, and so on. TELETYPE B expenses have increased proportionally as well to represent today a large part of any airline's IT costs often left under no scrutiny -let alone control - whatsoever.

Airsource Partners’ airlines and communication specialists help airlines comprehend and proficiently manage all TELETYPE B messaging-related issues. The airline’s communication infrastructure and processes are thoroughly reviewed. IDENTIFIED SAVINGS OPPORTUNITIES ARE CLEARLY DOCUMENTED AND IMPLEMENTED WITH A POSITIVE IMPACT ON EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY.

Airsource Partners’ experts work in close cooperation with the airline management and IT teams. They start their investigation with a thorough analysis of the airline’s messaging/communication strategy. The airline’s communication infrastructure, from its origins to the present days, is analysed in detail. Airsource Partners’ experts pursue their audit with a detailed and documented analysis of the past and present TELETYPE B traffic (volumes) to identify areas of improvement and potential savings.

Savings can be achieved through an efficient and rigorous use of today’s technology. In a related effort, Airsource Partners’ communication experts audit the applications used to generate TELETYPE B traffic - clients and third parties - with the aim to optimize the airline's current processes and infrastructure (are we not sending too many Type B messages, too many people, and/or with the right priority, etc .. ?).

A written report containing quick and easy-to-implement recommendations is submitted to the airline at the conclusion of the project and discussed with the airline’s management team. Upon request Airsource Partners’ experts can assist the airline in the implementation of the retained recommendations.



This Project is conducted by Airsource Partners in cooperation with KAZA IT services from Cyprus. 

A TELETYPE B AUTOMATED MESSAGE PROCESSOR proposed by Luxemburg-based EDIfly,  another member of Airsource Partners' Aviation Expertise Marketplace, can be proposed and implemented at any time as a complement to the Project (see separate "Message Broker Solution Project").

The tool proposed by EDIfly is the perfect solution for storing, routing and parsing all type B messages. The philosophy of the application is to centralize in a data base all messages of interest of the airline, instead of having the information spread in many computers. Authorized employees are easily aware of all information exchanged even if they are not recipients of the initial messages. As a result, productivity is further improved leading to additional savings. Smoother operations pave the way also to increased operational safety.





A slide presentation highlighting the major steps of the projects as well as the benefits airlines can expect from the Project is attached above (below the Project Summary).


A Project Overview detailing the methodology proposed by Airsource Partners is detailed in the other pdf document attached above. A detailed Financial Proposal can rapidly be prepared upon request. 




Experts / companies available for this project

EDIfly - Luxemburg
Innovative Software’s EDIfly provides a sleek and high-performance platform to bring Messaging and Message Switching 2.0 to process communication in aviation, rail, logistics etc. A fully backwards-compatible concept enables you to gradually cut-over mission-critical processes without a ‚big-bang’ scenario of changing everything i "one logical second".

KAZA IT Services Ltd - Cyprus - Cyprus
KAZA IT Services Ltd. was created in early 2013 by Katia Hadjikyriacou, a seasoned airline industry professional with over 20 years of experience, including a 10-year tenure as the Chief Information Officer of Cyprus Airways, the national carrier of Cyprus. Katia has a strong background in IT management. Throughout her term at Cyprus Airways Katia has been involved in the deployment of advanced Infrastructure Telecommunication solutions and new information systems and technologies across all sectors of the airline. Katia holds a Bsc and Msc in Computer Science from State University of New York at Albany. KAZA IT Services Ltd. can rely also on the skills and knowledge of numerous airline communication and IT strategy experts from Cyprus and surrounding countries.