• LAUNCH DATE : MAR 2014

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Sales & Marketing, Customer Experience


  • PROJECT SPONSOR : Airlines Services Consulting

Project Summary

Over time air travellers have evolved into extremely savvy consumers expecting maximum value in exchange of their patronage. Listening to their customers has become a vital manner for airlines and airports to grasp their customer’s expectations, evaluate their levels of satisfaction and perception of customer experience and position themselves on the market in regards to existing and expected competition.

Airsource Partners and consulting firm ASC Airlines Consulting Services are joining forces to offer airlines and airports a proven methodology for the evaluation of their performance through the launch of qualitative customer surveys.

Project Description
This project consists in a qualitative assessment of the traveller's perception of an airline, its brand, products & services and its competitive positioning led by consulting firm ACSC of France.

A detailed analysis of customers’ perception of the airline’s product, service, brand, procedures, concept & competition will allow managers to determine with greater efficiency and accuracy which action plans need to be launched to enhance customer experience offering, strengthen brand awareness and power and improve operational and financial performance.

The qualitative customer survey is the right step forward that will efficiently complete initial quantitative surveys such as satisfaction measurement.

Conducted with individuals or small group of customers, and delivered by independent experts, this methodology that goes much deeper in the level of details than traditional paper or web surveys brings a better understanding of customers’ opinions, feelings, perceptions and expectations. It also gives the opportunity to reveal opinions or other perceptions not exposed before.

Qualitative customer survey is the right and cost-effective action for feeding your decision process with information otherwise not made known by alternative methods.

Scope of intervention

The final scope of the intervention results from discussions between the client and ASC’s team outlining the airline/airport’s objectives and expectations. The scope is likely to cover any area related to customer experience, marketing, commercial policy, branding or benchmarking, including but not limited to:

=> Validating and testing product service, procedure, concept or idea
=> Understanding positioning towards competitors
=> Identifying product and service enhancements.


Project deliverables include the following:

=> Selection and validation of concerned features and according to client’s objectives and concerns, identification of interviewed customer profiling, definition and validation of interviews’ logistic issues
=> Interviews delivery according to above mentioned specification
=> Reporting including detailed summary of interviews’ content, analysis of feedbacks and recommendations according to client’s objectives and concerns.

Experts / companies available for this project

ASC - Airline Services Consulting - France
ASC Airlines Services Consulting was created a few years back by Frédéric Lamarche, a seasoned aviation specialist with more than 23 years of industry experience. Before becoming senior consultant, Frédéric fulfilled various managing positions both for a Major European Hub carrier and a start-up air airline in the fields of Marketing, ground and in-flight products and quality of service. He has a wide International experience and he supports sustainable solutions that are fully tailored to each customer’s individual concerns, specific requirements and operational context. ASC Airlines Services Consulting is an independent company providing consultancy and services for Airlines and Airports in the areas of Marketing, Customer Experience and Quality of Service benchmarking. Their experts boast a major professional expertise and confirmed International experience acquired both in the field and during managing positions at various airlines. ASC's solutions aim to be pragmatic, customer centric, efficient and cost-effective.