• LAUNCH DATE : MAR 2014

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Sales & Marketing, Others, Customer Experience

  • PROJECT FOCUS : Airline Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Communication & Advertising, Other, Information Technology

  • PROJECT SPONSOR : AIC Service & Call Center GmbH

Project Summary
Airlines have an overriding need to remain in contact at all times with customer constantly on the move. Top quality contacts will increase customer satisfaction and consequently Sales.

Today's technology offers airlines a wealth of solutions. However, faced with the increased complexity of passenger's requests demand and the evolution and cost of communication technology more and more airlines have decided to rely on external organisations for the provision of these services.

Airsource Partners is proud to partner with AIC Customer Service Center to offer the present project.

Project Description

AIC Service & Call Center offers a large spectrum of highly customized, cost effective Customer Services. Spectrum of proposed solutions includes Call Center services provided in 20+ languages.

Travelers constantly on the move expect airlines to be able to manage all forms of communication channels. When needed, services expected from airlines need to be delivered promptly in an efficiently manner and customized to address the traveler's requests.

These services include among others but are not limited to:

==> multilingual call center services
==> mastery of reservations systems
==> complaints managements
==> flight refunds
==> 24-hr contractibility
==> customer reward programs
==> quality assured processes and workflows
==> daily reporting of services or
==> special calls handling.

CALL CENTER SERVICES in particular are a key element of airlines' Customer Service strategy. The ever changing and increasing complexity and cost of the communication technology allied with the travelers' request for immediate and most appropriate response make it difficult for most airlines to provide the services requested internally.

AIC Customer Service Center has been provided airlines with highly customized Customer Service solutions since 1994. Over the years it became one of the most prominent one-stop provider of a large spectrum of services (telephony, mail center, reservations, help-desk and customer care) to the airline industry.

Airsource Partners is proud to partner with AIC Customer Service Center to offer airlines of all sizes adapted solutions to increase customer satisfaction.

Experts / companies available for this project

AIC Service & Call Center GmbH - Germany
AIC is a Call & Service Center offering high quality solutions and services in 20 languages at competitive prices. AIC was established in 1994 as AIC Airline Industry Consultants GmbH, a General Sales Agency (GSA) for airline companies in Germany. In addition to agency, sales and marketing activities, AIC also became an all-round service provider to the air travel and tourism sector. AIC now operates as a single-source provider for telephone services, mailings, reservations, help desk services, and customer care for a range of sectors. AIC specializes in meeting the needs and providing communication channels for mobile businesses, and is expert at developing customer contact systems – both for the low- and premium-cost segments. They have native-speaking staff covering 20 different languages and possessing the necessary cultural skills and knowledge.