• LAUNCH DATE : APR 2014

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : MRO & Technical, Aircraft Lease, Contract Management


  • PROJECT SPONSOR : Compagnie Aéronautique Internationale - CAI

Project Summary
At times, complex industrial or commercial cases intertwining technical and financial matters issues require the intervention of a potentially large group of experts with well-honed aviation skills and knowledge in very different domains efficiently working as a team towards a unique goal.

The need for such an intervention can be triggered by various commercial, technical, regulatory, legal or even fiscal reasons. CAI - Compagnie Aéronautique International - makes its team of multi-disciplinary experts available to help you successfully manage your project.

Project Description

Projects intertwining technical and financial matters require the intervention of a large multi-disciplinary team of aviation experts. CAI will make its team of experts available to you...

These projects can be triggered by various events, sometimes planned like the sale / purchase of an aircraft for example, sometimes totally unexpected like AOGs, regulatory issues or financial / fiscal inquiries or audits.

These types of investigations require the intervention of a large group of experts, each one possessing very specific skills and in-depth working knowledge of his/her domain of expertise. In most cases a detailed technical evaluation of the aircraft or some of its parts like its engines or landing gears will be an integrant part of the project.

The group of experts of various background (technical, financial, commercial, ..) need to focus its attention in a common direction. Project management skills are paramount for the success of the project.

CAI has successfully undertaken similar projects during the past years for various airlines, MRO service providers and governmental agencies. Airsource Partners is partnering with CAI to make their experts teams available to airlines in need of this type of expertise.

Experts / companies available for this project

CA - Compagnie Aeronautique Internationale - France
CAI gathers a number of independent aeronautical experts all with a hands-on experience acquired at the contact of the aviation industry. CAI's clients include airlines, MRO service providers, governmental agencies and other aviation-related services providers in the EMEA and US zones. Its expertise covers civil aircraft as well as helicopters.