• LAUNCH DATE : APR 2014

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Network Planning & Flight Operations, Aircraft Lease, Contract Management


  • PROJECT SPONSOR : G&G Aviation

Project Summary

Project goal lies in the definition and implementation of a tailor-made business plan leading to the successful phasing out of an airline’s leased or owned fleet.

Phasing-out decisions have a significant impact on the airline operations. All potential impacts on contractual, financial, maintenance and operation activities should be evaluated in depth.
G&G Aviation’ proven expertise in the field of fleet phasing out will help airlines make the right decisions at the right time.

Project Description

This project is about the development of a workable and cost effective business plan eventually leading to the phasing out of an airline’s fleet (leased or owned).

The project will cover the main highlights of the phasing out plan such as:

=> Assessment of aircraft phasing out condition
For leased aircraft: contractual return condition, best approach to meet them
For owned aircraft: market value depending on technical status, cost/benefits analysis

=> Phasing out requirements
Evaluation of a specific Aircraft Maintenance Plan
Engine usage management
Renegotiation of Lease Return Condition and applicable penalties

=>Definition and verification of availability of all technical records to be provided

Alternative scenarios and solutions all have a direct impact on the bottom line of the airline. It is therefore of paramount importance to proceed with a careful evaluation of all options under consideration in order to minimize the potential financial and operational risks potentially resulting from their implementation.

To do so, very specific negotiating skills combined with an in-deep working knowledge of the aviation and finance industries are required, making the involvement of external advisors a very judicious and potentially profitable investment.

Airsource Partners selected G&G Aviation on the basis of their unique and successfully proven approach to this type of situation.

Experts / companies available for this project

G&G Aviation - Italy
G&G Aviation is active since the end of 1994 in providing products, services and consulting to airlines, airports, training centers and executive private operators. Company management team has an airline background on fleet acquisition, management and maintenance. In addition to performing direct consulting and appraisal services, G&G Aviation is active representing a number of leading manufacturers as well as acting as buyer or seller agent in various equipment transaction under ad-hoc mandates.