Market Intelligence & Route Development

  • LAUNCH DATE : JUN 2017

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Network Planning & Flight Operations

  • PROJECT FOCUS : Network Planning, Airline Strategy, Airline Management, Sales & Marketing, Other, Information Technology

  • PROJECT SPONSOR : Airsource Partners, Milanamos

Project Summary

Airlines can increase route revenue up to 65% by monitoring their competitors, track revenue opportunities, develop air-partnership and capture new demand by efficiently developing their network.

Markeplace member Milanamos developed PlanetOptim.Future, a unique and innovative Market Intelligence solution that will allow your Airline to lead rather than follow the market.

Project files

PlanetOptim.Future - BACKBONE FOR ROUTE DEVELOPMENT - FEB17      PlanetOptim.Future - market analysis & forecasting explained - FEB17      PlanetOptim.Future - market opportunities finder explained - FEB17      PlanetOptim.Future - market simulator explained - FEB17      PlanetOptim.Future - route development 3.0 - FEB17      MILANAMOS in Just a Few Slides - JUN17     

Project Description


Milanamos' Tool & Worldwide Air Traffic Database Are Now Available To Support Your Airline's Route Development Analysis.



Rewarded during the International Innovation Challenge in 2014, Milanamos' database sources hundreds of capacity, traffic and revenue data worldwide. Aéroport de Paris, Rwandair, AFRAA, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and scores of other airports and airlines, in addition to consulting groups, trust Milanamos every day to grow their revenue.

Thanks to its functional richness and exceptional intuitiveness and user-friendliness, PlanetOptim.Future is used on a day-to-day basis by Route & Fleet Planning Analysts as well as the Management and Field teams of its user airlines both at the strategic and tactical levels.  



 PlanetOptim.Future brings the airline a WEALTH OF BENEFITS including: 



  • Accurate WORLDWIDE TRAFFIC, REVENUE & CAPACITY DATA including calibrated MIDT combined with web based bookings from 2002 onwards;


  • 10 YEARS OF FORECASTS, mixing seasonality models and macro-economic indicators for long term trending;


  • Demand stimulation, market recapture and leakage to simulate NEW ROUTE DEMAND;


  • HUB ANALIZER & TIME FINDER determinING the best potential schedule at an airport (your main hub or any other given airport) and evaluate beyond potential within 45, 90 and 180 minutes;


  • BENCHMARKING ANALYSIS showing you how your Airline perfoms compared to other airlines and most commonly accepted industry standards


  • Embedded reporting tool with over 20 KPIs (KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS) computed monthly;


  • Automatic user-defined MARKET ALERTS allowing you to be proactive and receive any critical competitive information by email;


  • OPPORTUNITY FINDER module highlighting market opportunities left available by competition


  • SIMULATION MODULE released in DEC16 derives the P&L of any new or simulated route. Module comes complete with QSI MODELING, detailed COST ANALYSIS and REVENUE ESTIMATES (passenger, cargo, ancillary);  



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  • A WEB-BASED tool;


  • NO DATA PURCHASE needed;










A detailed FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW of PlanetOptim.Future can be sent upon request. 


FREE ACCESS TO A FULL-LENGTH TRIAL ENVIRONMENT can be opened instantly to allow you to judge by yourself the user-friendliness and richness of PlanetOptim.Future and to give you a better idea of all the benefits your Airline could derive from the use of this very unique tool.


Contact us to arrange a slot for an ONLINE REAL-TIME DEMO of  the tool based on routes and markets of particular importance to your Airline.





Milanamos is a proud member of Airsource Partners' Aviation Expertise Marketplace. Milanamos' mission is to provide airlines of the world with an innovative and pace-setting tool to help them efficiently solve their strategic and tactical marketing planning challenges


For more details on Milanamos visit their web site 




Experts / companies available for this project

France-based Milanamos proposes a new and innovative way for passenger's transportation operators to develop, optimize and manage their network and pricing. Their PlanetOptim.future solution is offered in 3 major forms: PLANETOPTIM.FUTURE: capacity, traffic and revenue historical analysis, forecasting and simulation solution PLANETOPTIM.NETWORK: multimodal scheduling and capacity marketing planning and optimization solution PLANETOPTIM.PRICING: dynamic pricing optimizer integrating multimodal competition