• LAUNCH DATE : FEB 2017

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Contract Management



Project Summary
One of your major contracts is coming to term very soon and you wish to renew it? This is a unique opportunity to evaluate the true performance of your current contract and bring changes that will boost its contribution to your Airline.

COAST Conseil, one of the most recent additions to Airsource Partners’ Aviation Expertise Marketplace, specializes in the renegotiation of all types of contracts in the airline industry (engines, pool, airframe, catering, ground handling, ..). COAST Conseil’s intervention can be limited to one specific contract (re)negotiation. Alternatively a more complete assistance can be provided to install Best Practices in Contract Negotiations in the Airline.

Project Description


The approaching term of a contract is an ideal opportunity to evaluate its true performance and brings changes prior to its renewal.

A great deal of time and effort is spent up-front by airlines in negotiating contractual arrangements. Many times these contracts are filed away and very little attention is spent in understanding and tracking their on-going performance.

Airlines that fall short of monitoring their contractual arrangements fail to maximize revenues, control costs and open their organizations up to a multitude of risks.

Times of contracts renewals provide a unique opportunity to evaluate the true performance of an airline’s major contracts that should not be missed.

Any contract (re)negotiation, whether it is done internally or outsourced to external parties, should exclusively be done by experienced professionals possessing an in-depth knowledge of the industry concerned, its main players and applying the best practices in contract negotiations.

COAST Conseil proposes to evaluate the performance of yor Airlie’s major contracts in areas such as:


  • Engines
  • Pool
  • Airframe
  • Catering
  • Ground Handling
  • Training

COAST Conseil can assist you in the negotiation of any particular contract. Alternatively it can manage all contract renegotiation for you for added efficiency. In all cases you will remain the ultimate maker. COAST Conseil will analyse your needs in detail and negotiate best conditions available on the market for increase efficiency.

COAST Conseil founder has over 15 years of Contract Management experience acquired at the contact of major industry players such as Boeing, Air France, Safran or Corsair.

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Experts / companies available for this project

Coast Conseil - France
Coast Conseil was created a few years back by Julien Beaumont, a former airline executive. After an engineering degree in aeronautics (MSc Cranfield college of Aeronautics+French Engineering Degree), Julien has been certified in purchasing at Essec management school and in change management at the "Paris School of Coaching". Julien worked at Boeing, Safran, Air France, Corsair (where he held the position of Purchasing Manager for 5 years), Air Caraibes. He started his own consulting practice (COAST Conseil) and is now working as a consultant in aeronautics near many airlines.