• LAUNCH DATE : FEB 2017

  • PRIMARY TARGET : Airlines

  • PROJECT FUNCTIONAL AREA : Network Planning & Flight Operations, Resource Management, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, Aircraft Lease, Contract Management

  • PROJECT FOCUS : Airline Strategy, Business Plan Definition


Project Summary

Elaborate a solid and coherent Business Plan is the first step in the long process of building an airline. It is also essential to product that type of document when an existing airline wishes to begin a new stage of its development.

The business plan will allow the company to define the concept, analyze the potentials and show opportunities for the investors. With a seriously and consciously elaborated business plan, the company will both determine its own path to success and convince banks, government and public to support it.

AEROGESTION's experts help airlines build a sound business plan (in English or French) that will fuel the airline's growth for the many years to come.

Project files

Presentation Aerogestion (en français)     

Project Description


AEROGESTION has been accompanying several airlines in their business plan elaboration for more than 20 years. Launch of a whole new airline, development of the network, fleet renewal…


AEROGESTION is able to provide a specific assistance (both in English or French) in cost definition and revenue assessment, supported by advanced knowledges in market study and asset optimization. The company will also benefit from the expertise of AEROGESTION in several kay areas, such as network planning, fleet planning, crew planning, revenue management and distribution.


AEROGESTION will provide the company with a full business plan including following essential items:


Executive summary

  • Description of airline concept: network, product, production and distribution strategies
  • Market analysis: targeted customer, competition benchmark, market share expectations…
  • Financial highlights: operating margin, profitability, first investment need, ROI


Service offering

  • Overall concept
  • Network: domestic, regional, international
  • Targeted customer segment: business, leisure, bleisure
  • In-flight product: service classes, aircraft interior, comfort, entertainment, food en beverages, duty-free…
  • On-ground product: check-in, lounge, boarding


Marketing and distribution plan

  • Marketing strategy: brand definition, communication strategy
  • Distribution strategy: website, call center, ticket offices, GDS, travel agents
  • Fares definition


Competition analysis

  • Competition overview
  • Targeted market share
  • Partnerships opportunities


Operations plan

  • Fleet use optimization
  • Crew planning optimization
  • Airport operations
  • Maintenance


Aircraft selection

  • Capacity (pax and cargo) to meet
  • Range
  • Cost efficiency (maintenance, fuel…)
  • Fleet commonality
  • Aircraft availability



  • Capital structure
  • Startup capital needs
  • Cash flow


Implementation schedule

  • Iterative development phases
  • Launch phases



Experts / companies available for this project

Aérogestion is an independent consulting practice founded in 1996 by Marc Rochet and Dominique Gretz with the help of former collaborators from the airline industry. Aérogestion has developed a recognised expertise in the industry by accompanying first and foremost the success of French airline in their development or restructuring projects. The practice has developed its services in the international environment and more specifically on the African continent. Parallel to this geographical development, the practice has broadened its competencies, particularly in the field of Revenue Management, which constitutes today a recognised centre of excellence where Aérogestion practices for several airlines. At present, the practice counts more than a dozen consultants with an average of 20 years of expertise in their field and with competencies covering all of the fields of the industry, such as airline management, sales and distribution, airline operations, airline restructuring or change management. Aerogestion's vocation is to become the airline's partner to accompany the airline in each and every key step of its business or of its investments.